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What is the PEAT Scale?

The PEAT Scale is a method to rate a patient's home environment for safety. It is used primarily by EMS but can be used by any provider who is able to evalute the home environment. In the EMS Agenda for the Future (NHTSA, 2010) there is a call to "identify and modify illness and  injury risks" and "develop relationships between EMS agencies and other public/community and safety organizations to identiffy community health and safety issues". The PEAT Scale does exactly that.

Healthy People 2020 also includes prevention as a key strategy to improve public health. In their initiative for Injury and Violence Free Living, recommendation #3 is to "Promote and strengthen policies to prevent falls, especially among older adults". The PEAT Scale is one method to increase awareness and promote prevention.

PEAT stands for...





It is an objective tool for anyone, especially EMS, to rate a patient's home environment for safety. It can also be used by home health, home nursing, case management, social services, or anyone who has access to the patient's home environment. This information can be easily transferred to the hospital, or acted upon by EMS or social services.

The PEAT Scale is based on the principle of basic human needs. Shelter, food, hygeine, safety and security are basic needs. Patients cannot thrive without them and many resources exist to help people who can't do everything for themselves. It is the goal of the PEAT Scale to connect resources with patients.


This is the PEAT Scale...



It is a quick and effective way to document issues in the home such as trip hazards, lack of a safe home, lack of safety devices appropiate to the patient's needs, or presense of abuse or neglect.

This site includes education on how to identify the specific needs of patient groups such as the elderly, children, and the disabled.

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